Positive Headway

WaveThe ideal morality we aspired to as children is constantly being challenged as we reconcile the discrepancy between an idyllic world and the reality we experience. If we were to instead view life simply in terms of positive and negative, it would help make sense of what happens at all levels of our being.

While most of us will generally agree upon what is positive and what is negative, much of our evaluation is subjective, based on our own values, conditioning and past experiences. We can more easily assess the remaining gray areas with the help of higher-level skills acquired through daily practice.

At a larger scale we see how corruption runs rampant in our government, religious and corporate institutions, and we eventually become desensitized to deception, hypocrisy and greed. Since we’re unable to do anything significant about their actions, we can only assess whether the institution makes a positive or negative contribution to our personal lives. There’s no need to become upset by the blatant negativity expressed by governments, religions and corporations – why not just evaluate them as either positive or negative and move on?

In our own personal lives, at this level we have the power to make positive changes to enhance our life situation. But it’s not always easy to rid ourselves of the lingering negativity of the past, unless we have some tools to help us remove those barriers to having a positive life. We’ve all been conditioned to accept so much negativity unopposed into our lives that we often can’t distinguish the difference anymore. Amazing changes can be made when we stop allowing its detrimental effect on our wellbeing!

On a daily basis we make decisions about the positive and negative nature of our relationships, our workplace environment and our general wellbeing. It helps to regard our relationships as either positive or negative to manage the emotions we generally feel about people. Evaluating a coworker or boss as a positive or negative in the workplace also helps to diminish their influence on our energy and concentration. We can make more intelligent health and wealth decisions based on the positive or negative nature of each consideration. In this way we can stop accepting higher-level interference and enjoy who we are, the benefits of what we’ve achieved and the reasons for what we’re doing at the present time.

Ocean Surface

At the spiritual level we are constantly swimming against the tide of negativity and devising ways of staying afloat in positive mode. As we progress and attain higher-level skills, we become more adept at maintaining our balance on the crests of the waves. As we find ourselves maneuvering through each trough, we swim with stronger strokes to rise up and continue riding upon a crest again. Each day on the ocean of life can be exhilarating, when we apply higher-level knowledge to facilitate our journey.

Ocean CloudsYour spirit is much more sensitive to and affected by the negativity you accept or reject at all levels.   When you learn to regard people, places and inanimate things as either positive or negative, it helps you to overcome unpleasant past occurrences, improve your present situation and move you into a brighter future. If you want your spirit to be more positive, then you have to put effort into identifying and refusing the negative influences that interfere with you at any given moment.

Making a commitment to be positive at all levels is of paramount importance to the wellbeing of our individual spirits, so being able to refuse the negatives and promote the positives in our lives makes us better navigators of these undulating waters of life.

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I work across distance to extend my higher-level knowledge to you, wherever you are in the world! Learn how great life is when you work with a positively oriented spirit!

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6 comments on “Positive Headway

    • Thanks so much Ulli – I appreciate your enthusiasm! You could compose a piece on the piano to roll with the positive waves you’re making! 😉 Stay with it – you’re amazing! 🙂

  1. “Making a commitment to be positive at all levels is of paramount importance…” YES, I agree.

    “…being able to refuse the negatives and promote the positives in our lives makes us better navigators of these undulating waters of life.” That is true, and I like your use of metaphor.

    I am getting various messages from the Universe telling me that ultimately, we’re ALL ONE. It is undeniable. I realize, as well, that such is the Universe giving me a hint to not feel ashamed about speaking out my truth.

    I survived (a five-year) abusive relationship (from 1999-2004.) My mind still processes pictures of events, or “memories”, of that period in life. Since a fully committed choice to turn back in order to seek the God within, I am truly growing, and it is starting to manifest.

    Just feel a strong need to share this!

    • Thank you for your feedback on my post. I truly admire your extraordinary strength and resilience in having the courage to revisit those events and reconcile within yourself! As a survivor of abuse, you should never feel ashamed, for you never did anything wrong. You are a beautiful person and a shining example of how loving yourself can help you connect with your spiritual self.

      As an abuse survivor myself, I have taken the step to find further peace by making a legal claim against the diocese where the priest had raped me as a small child. The legal process has been exceedingly difficult, as the diocese has been trying to make me suffer through the difficult memories of my experience and its aftermath to essentially cast doubt, shame and blame on me. My court date is in a few weeks, and I’m ready to bring my story forward and hope it’ll help other survivors.

      Your desire to share your story will greatly encourage my readers and others to do the same. Thank you! ♡ˆ◡ˆ♡

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