Believe in Yourself

When you believe in yourself, your spirit will respond to help you.

From my perspective, loving myself goes hand in hand with believing in myself.  While self-love is somewhat static within me, believing in myself is the dynamic force that combines with it to allow me to move forward in a positive direction in my life.  Both rely on my efforts to work with my spirit to remove the negativity that interferes with our progress toward a positive existence.

When I began to love myself for who I am, I accepted all my faults and attributes simultaneously.  I am comprised of all that I am, and I fully accept ‘me’.  In order to integrate this self-love into my life, I then accepted that I also must believe in myself to realize my full potential.

When a child believes in his/herself, they move toward their goals by simply pursuing their interests in life.  It should be no different for us as adults, but many have been submerged in thoughts of self-doubt, memories of past failure and fear of the unknown. Many focus on their weaknesses instead of on their strengths.  In other words, many stop believing in themselves and depend on others.  Such insecurity is an acceptance of negativity at the higher level, and your spirit will not be able to assist you until you resist this negative tendency.

When you act in self-love and believe in yourself, your spirit will readily help you at the spiritual level to achieve your goals.   As you work with your spirit to refuse negativity and absorb the energy of the Light*, this positive approach will filter down and benefit you at the physical level.This Starlike© paper sculpture by Leo Jean is reminiscent of stepping out of the rut of insecurity into a new world of believing in oneself.

No one can give you self-love or make you believe in yourself.  You have to want it for yourself and work at it every day to create your future as only you believe it should be!

Believing in yourself is the key to moving forward in confidence towards the positive existence that you desire.

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I welcome and value your input~Please feel free to comment! 

*Light: The pure white light of the universe; purely positive energy; not associated with any one religion or deity; I work spiritually with people from every background from around the globe


7 comments on “Believe in Yourself

  1. Believing in yourself and believing that life loves you is key to moving forward and witnessing your dreams turn into your reality. Love it!

    • Thanks for your insightful comment, Linda! I agree that we make our own reality. I just visited your blog and note that you’ve just been touring the amazing Macchu Picchu! ☺

      • It’s been an amazing adventure and only the beginning. I look forward to what each moment brings. Thank you very much for the visit. Have a fabulous evening.

  2. I believe you have pure intent , but I need to warn you , I was a Reiki Master and Teacher for 7 years , last year I had experiences beyond anything , anyone could ever imagine , white light and the universe is the work of demons. It is all deceit and trickery . I was fooled into new age , it is not real , I thought I worked with the universe and ascended masters but I was fooled into believing they were real , ask yourself , truthfully , have you ever seen an ascended master or your guides? I know you havent because if you had you would see the face of a denomic entity. Universal white light and guides are demons being deceitful and diverting you from your path to mastery . Be fooled no longer , I am no longer fool , I renounced my Reiki oath as it was channelled by Usui from the devil , Reiki is not ancient healing it was “found” in the late 1860s . From where and from who? Its all deceit and new age was born in the mid 1980s from demons fooling and tricking believers . All white lighters are using/healing white light from where? Its not from God as Gods light is golden or pink , not white , why do you trust energy that you have no idea where the source is! And how can healers call in guides that they cannot see or know where they r from? I still heal and help people but I use Gods light , I trust God and Jesus as my guides noone else , do not trust any guide you cannot see , I am writing a book to expose new age as fraud , giving detailed evidence as to why you should not use white light or universal guides , The white light lie , I was a white lighter for 15 years and Reiki for 7 , dont waste your time being diverted by demons to your path of mastery . I am not the only person to expose this , Google white light /demons , the truth is now getting out there ,
    Best wishes

    • Thanks for your comment, Eddy. I’m glad that you’ve found the method of healing that best suits you. Please be assured that I am not a Reiki healer; I have never studied that discipline; nor do I rely on guides or other beings to assist me.
      I work directly with my own spirit and higher self using a unique method that I’ve learned from my mentor over a 25-year period.
      I wish you all the best with your new book!

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