Being Happy

The Heart Nebula

The Heart Nebula

Expanding on #1 on my list of “10 Reasons to Work With Your Spirit”…

In order for a star to become a star, it must first go through a process of forming its components that will eventually turn into the nuclear reactor at its core.  Not unlike becoming a star, in order to become a positively oriented being into which the Light* will flow, your spirit needs your help as an essential component of this process.

When I think of working with my spirit, “Happiness” is the first thought that comes to mind.  Just look at the diagram below and you’ll see how we light up thermally when we’re beaming with happiness!

Our lives are constantly transforming, not only from the choices we make personally at all levels, but also from the impact of exterior factors that either interfere with our wellbeing or bring us happiness.  We start off as beautiful happy children, idealistically viewing our world with the utmost optimism but, for so many, some incident starts spoiling the joy.  Whether it’s an off-hand remark, the effect of bullying or an abuse event, there are repercussions as the negativity hits at all levels and becomes engrained as memories.

Children are experts at returning to positive mode after troubling events but, as we grow older, lingering memories often crop up when least expected.  A child’s natural self-love nurtures their ability to work harmoniously with their spirit and the Light*, which enables a smoother and gentler transition from despondent to happy.  As we grow older, it often seems more complicated to get back to our shining self.

Your spirit should be the most positive part of you and, if you’re working effectively with it, your positive spiritual energy will filter down to you at the physical level.  If you’re not working with a positively oriented spirit, you’re missing out on the potential exuberant energy extended by such a spirit.

thermal emotions

If unpleasant thoughts keep popping up in your mind and you can’t shake them, there are usually higher-level reasons why you’re in this negative position.  Thought waves rebound across space and time, within your brain and from others.  When you learn to work with your spirit, you’ll discover ways to block incoming negative thoughts and how to more effectively adjust your thought patterns and get back to positive thinking.

If someone says something offensive or you experience a troubling event, you should be prepared spiritually for the onslaught of negative feelings and aftereffects of such events.  When involved in negative affronts by insensitive people, it’s amazingly effective to counteract the negative energy by going to work immediately at the higher level.  Then you can more easily deal with the physical aspects and get back to being happy within yourself.

Everyone has a different perspective about happiness, so you can’t compare yours to someone else’s experience.  Your personal happy state can be seen as the harmony you find at all levels of your being throughout the continuum of your life experience.

Nothing brings out the positive in me like the feeling I get when I see my spirit sparkling at me – that’s the basis of my happiness! What do you do to get yourself to being happy?

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*Light: The pure white light of the universe; purely positive energy; not associated with any one religion or deity; I work spiritually with people from every background from around the globe

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