Re-Understand Yourself Better

A Bright Galaxy Interacts With a Companion

A Bright Galaxy Interacts With a Companion

Expanding on #8 on my list of “10 Reasons to Work With Your Spirit”…

When we were children our entire world transpired around us and we were in tune with our spiritual selves. We were able to fashion ways to solve problems through sheer imagination and adaptation to every challenging situation. As we grew older we lost our connection with our spiritual selves, mainly because we became conditioned to relinquish our spiritual connection, to adopt our family’s belief system and try to fit in with everyone else.

Especially if we were bullied or abused as children, our adulthood would become full of mental and emotional issues that interfered with our sense of belonging. Some of us would adapt well to some extent, but many would become lost in a circle of self-repugnance. Then, we further isolated our spirits from our selves as the distractions of life kept us so busy.

Most of us have no idea of what reconnecting with our spiritual selves means. Your spirit is a distinct sentient being that makes choices but, just like many of us, it has been subjected to conditioning, bullying and other infractions of its free will. Unfortunately, many spirits have lost their positive knowledge and drift lost or idle throughout the cosmos. Ironically, although their knowledge should be far superior to ours, a spirit’s only means toward progress is to be directed through its physical form. And we really have no idea of knowing what to do, because our civilization has progressively lost its spiritual knowledge.

For instance, when I was a child, I was led to believe that everything would be fine spiritually, as long as I followed a set of beliefs. However, when the shattering of the fairy tale (when I was raped by a member of the clergy) made me feel lost and idle, very much like what happens to spirits after they’ve been conditioned, betrayed and abused, I went through a disoriented state that spiraled into self-destructive behavior. But I never stopped questioning the system and kept searching for some logical inkling of positivity in my existence. As soon as I started to work with my spirit, there was a “Wow!” moment and I suddenly realized a fundamental sense of self once again.

A similar scenario seems to have occurred to a great number of spirits that have congregated on our planet. Too many spirits have been affected by negative experiences that have eroded the integrity of their being. While you learn how to work with your spirit, it begins to realize purpose and meaning in its own existence, just like you will. Of course, as you strive to maintain a positive stance at all levels, you and your spirit need to learn to work with the Light* to counteract the impact and influence of negativity. (I capitalize the word ‘Light’ to distinguish pure white light and its purely positive energy from any component spectrum of light that harbors negativity.)

Once you start working within with your spirit and the Light, you’ll realize you have the ability to change your life through the application of positive universal principles that bring harmony within. Just knowing that your spirit is progressing because of your efforts brings a wealth of positive energy to invigorate your life.

Reconnecting with your spirit will bring you the understanding that you are responsible for the wellbeing of a distinct sentient being that can reciprocate a comforting sense of self once again.

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