“…Learn the Natural Law”

The other day someone in the twitterverse asked me what the term “natural law” meant in the context of the message I received when I was 15, as described in my post called “Early Flat Screen Presentation,” so I’ll attempt to answer that in part now.

What the otherworldly being said was: “This life you lead is a test.  In order to pass you must learn the natural law.” 

First of all, I should state that I didn’t really know why I was selected to be the recipient of that telepathic message.  It wasn’t a dream; I was fully awake in a public restaurant.  I never experienced anything like that before or since.  At first it seemed to spark confusion in me, since it was so vivid and I couldn’t talk about it with anyone, except the girlfriends who were with me at the time.

From my perspective the event was life changing, since the portion of the message that was left with my consciousness was so clear and I only began to understand its significance when I started to work with my spirit 15 years later, when my mentor suggested that the beings were from the future.  The only “natural law” that I knew when I was 15 was that of physics, which I happened to be studying at the time.  It didn’t make sense to me then that they would be telling me that my life depended on the laws of physics.  Now that I’m so much older (and more ‘seasoned’), I believe that the message incorporated the learning of many natural laws including those in the fields of physics, science, philosophy, medicine, law, morality and nature itself.

Most physicists agree that all the laws of physics are the same in our universe, but, in the so-called Many Worlds Theory it’s postulated that there are multiple universes and the laws of physics are potentially different in each one.  Given this format, one could suppose that all natural laws could be different elsewhere. For instance, there could be a universe in which people might rejoice one’s death and mourn at one’s birth.  In another universe the moral law could dictate that everyone has to be cruel and despotic, while those who are kind and compassionate are morally corrupt.

As a result of my many years of working with my spirit and glimpsing into the spiritual journeys of others, I’ve come to believe that the spiritual natural law is likely the same throughout the multiverse and is interconnected with the Light*. With its multiple timeless existences, a spirit can be recognized as the quantum part of our human repertoire.  The message started with “this life…” to differentiate this life from another, as if to suggest its significance in my quantum existence.

Quite frankly, I’m still learning about “the natural law”.  Sometimes I wonder whether the greater part of the message (about 5 minutes long) has been buried within me as a suggestion.  Maybe it was downloaded to me for future reference and will continue to give me inspiration along the way.  In the meantime, I will pursue my efforts to gain a further and deeper understanding of my own interpretation of what it means to “learn the natural law.” It’s interesting that I’ve already learned to use my brain in a more advanced way to communicate across the planet in my higher level healing work.  Since the message I received was sent telepathically, I’ve included a link below to a short video on collective intelligence by the popular theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.

Perhaps the meaning behind the message about the concept of learning “the natural law” is to inspire others to pursue the answers to the questions about the reasons for our current existence.

Leo Jean's Starlike© paper sculptures imbedded within a crystal horn of plentyLink to Michio Kaku’s video on The Big Think: “Can We Have Brain-to-Brain Communication?”

*Light: The pure white light of the universe; purely positive energy; not associated with any one religion or deity; I work spiritually with people from every background from around the globe

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6 comments on ““…Learn the Natural Law”

  1. Good article ~your message inspires me… “It’s interesting that I’ve already learned to use my brain in a more advanced way to communicate across the planet in my higher level healing work.” Discovering the means to effect powerful communication at spirit level is what will heal our broken hearts, and more and more are starting to catch onto this truth.

  2. Hi Gloria, this post and your experience is just amazing, I’m sure you’re on your way to finding out what the message meant and you can fulfil it. I stumbled on your blog by researching about meeting spirit guides and beings. I have met some of my ‘soul mates’ in the spirit world and most of my closest spirits welcome me and help me e.g. be more comfortable in an ocean (my phobia). The only problem I can’t seem to solve is I always ask what my lesson is in this life, but I never get a response, they just always tell me they miss me and that I’m doing fine.

    • Hi Trish,

      Thanks for your comment! In my 28 years of working with others who, like you, have been searching for answers about your life’s purpose or lesson, I’ve learned that the best way to reach your answer is to start working with your own spirit to progress spiritually.
      The ‘spirit guides’ that come around you are lost or aimless spirits that can’t help you, since they’ve lost their positive knowledge. Otherwise, they’d be actively pursuing their own spiritual progress.
      Have you considered that those spirits might be interfering with you? My advice is to never accept a spirit that can’t sparkle with the positive energy of the pure white sparkling light.
      Thanks for stopping by…I hope some of my other posts will be of interest, too!

      • This is actually really true, I had never considered this but my recent spiritual session was different as I did not feel the overwhelmingly loving feeling I always get, the spirit even told the others to go away. How do I recognise my spirit guide? I asked for one to come down when I was younger and I cried with happiness because I knew him somehow, he told me he was in my previous lives but he did not tell me the answer either. I know I should be patient but I’ve had a strong feeling I should be doing something else for a while. Thank you for your reply 🙂

      • Hi Trish,
        Your strong feeling is your intuition that something’s wrong. I offer long distance sessions, if you’re interested. I hope you find the harmony you seek. 🙂

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