Imaginative Self-healing

Original painting by Leo Jean: "Light Pegasus"One of the principles of working with my spirit and the Light is that: “Every problem has a solution at the spiritual level.”  When someone is having difficulty in life, there is always a spiritual reason underlying the problem.  A person’s spiritual orientation of being negative or positive affects their response to both external and internal spiritual influences.

When a person conducts a self-healing, they have to believe that what they’re doing will eliminate the problem they’re experiencing.  Leo and I always enjoy working with children, because they believe in themselves; are able to actively use their imagination to effect real outcomes; and are not yet conditioned by past experiences with traditional or other medicines.

Although I realize that not everyone can effect this type of self-healing, and that this procedure is not effective in every case, some people are entirely capable of healing themselves.  An example of a recent distant healing of an 8-year-old child, “Tommy”, indicates how our bodies are capable of self-healing, given an initial boost and, especially, when symptoms first appear.   During our first phone conversation, Tommy’s father explained that he was devastated by his son’s recent diagnosis for Type-1 diabetes, and that he had already started an insulin program.  I told him that we could help only if his son agreed.  He said that he hoped that his son would participate and we set up a phone appointment for the next day after school.

When Tommy came to the phone, I asked him if he wanted to receive a healing and a new spirit that would help him overcome the diabetes.  Tommy agreed.  I asked Tommy to refuse as Leo proceeded to remove the negative spirits and negative energy from within him.  We then asked him to close his spiritual openings (chakras) as we went to each of them with him, healing the ones that were damaged.  Next we asked Tommy to go inside of himself and guided him to look at his pancreas.  He asked what a pancreas was, and I explained that it was the part of him that wasn’t working and that was why he had diabetes.  When he could see inside and look at his pancreas, I asked if he could see Leo’s spirit that was there to help him.  He said he could see a bright light.

Then I asked Tommy to bring that same pure white Light* all around and inside of his pancreas, and then if he saw any areas where the Light wouldn’t go.  He said there were some dark areas.  I asked him to start removing all the cells that wouldn’t accept the Light and to bring in brand new cells that were all lit up.  We asked him to continue to do this for a few minutes each day and that we would call him back in a week.

Ten days later, after Tommy’s first visit to the doctor’s since our initial healing, Tommy’s father exclaimed that there had already been an improvement in Tommy’s blood sugar analysis and his insulin dosage had been adjusted.  Leo and I checked to see that he had not opened up to any negative spirits, and then went with him to look at his pancreas.  He had been removing the cells that were dark and had been regularly bringing in more new cells with the light.  Tommy was feeling better and was excited to tell us about his school and the bite-happy puppy that his parents had bought for him when he first got sick.

By the third phone session, Tommy’s father was really excited, because Tommy had again reduced his insulin dosage.  He wanted to tell everyone he knew about how and why Tommy was getting better, but he was afraid that no one would understand about the distant healing.  He admitted that he was listening in on his son’s conversation while on speakerphone and said that Tommy usually never talked with anyone as long as he talked with us, especially on the phone.  It was getting harder for Tommy’s father to resist the urge to tell his doctor that Tommy was receiving an unorthodox style of treatment.  He asked what he should do, and I suggested that he could always take Tommy to a different doctor, if he felt uncomfortable.  In addition, Tommy’s father felt guilty about not being able to tell everyone the truth about what we were doing; he was unable to tell anyone else about his son’s healing, because of his ethnic and religious origins. I told him that he didn’t have to tell anyone; that he should just be pleased for his son.

Around the sixth week, Tommy had already reached the safe zone as his natural insulin levels reached normal.  He was determined to train his puppy that was always nipping at his hands and feet, and was happily unconcerned about his health.  He promised to keep on working with his spirit to stay free of diabetes.  That’s how a child heals.  Then they say: “Now let’s go play!”

In Tommy’s case, his illness might have been hereditary, but the malfunction of his pancreas was also enhanced by negative spiritual influences.  Since his spirit was not positively-oriented, Tommy’s body had no defence against the onset of the malaise that was attacking his gland.  Once his spirit was replaced by one that worked with the healing influence of the Light and responded to Leo’s initial and supportive healing, Tommy was able to work with the Light in an imaginative way to perform a daily self-healing.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it were that simple for everyone to work with their spirit and self-heal as needed?  A child’s life is all about the future, even though they are completely content to immerse themselves in the present.  Every time I work with a child, I learn so much more about how I can continue to improve my own existence.


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*Light: The pure white light of the universe; purely positive energy; not associated with any one religion or deity; I work spiritually with people from every background from around the globe

Optimized Childhood

boyonskateboardWhen I think of how amazing childhood can be, I also reflect on the many children whose experience is less than what they deserve.  Children are the product of not only their genetic traits, but also their physical and spiritual environment and experiences.  When a child has a spiritual problem, the effects of spiritual negativity could ruin an otherwise wonderful childhood.

A few years ago Leo and I had the opportunity to help a young boy that lived in our neighborhood.  When we moved into our new home on a cul-de-sac, a couple of the neighbors came by to greet us and then, in turn, to warn us about ‘Danny’, the five-year-old boy next door.  According to the neighbors, Danny was notorious for hitting golf balls from his driveway in all directions.  They told us that he had struck their parked cars and even broken a picture window in one of the houses.  An older woman claimed that she was afraid to work in her garden whenever the boy was outside.  She exclaimed that: “He just ruins our neighborhood.”  It surprised me that everyone was complaining about such an innocuous little boy.

Later that day, Danny came around to meet us, accompanied by his mother and two brothers.  When his mother, a nurse, learned that we did spiritual healing, she immediately started to tell us how difficult it was to deal with Danny.  She said that she had taken him out of kindergarten, because there were already signs that he would have been prescribed Ritalin to control his ADD.  She wasn’t sure if he would be able to start the 1st grade in the same school system without succumbing to the drug requirement.  On that first meeting she asked if there was anything we could do to help her son.  Leo said that he would talk to him the next day, after we had finished moving our boxes inside.

The following day, Danny came by with his mother.  Leo asked Danny if he liked the spirit that he had.  Danny said that he didn’t like it, because it was always making him to do things that got him into trouble.  Leo asked him if he wanted to have a new spirit, one that would help him.  Danny broke out a huge smile and said that he would like that.  He looked at his mother for approval and she nodded to him that it was okay.  Leo removed a negatively-oriented spirit from Danny and brought him a positively-oriented one that was more suitable for his body.

Leo asked Danny how he felt and what kinds of things he liked to do.  The little boy said that he felt better and that he didn’t like chasing golf balls around, like his father had taught him to do.  He said that all he wanted to do was to learn to how to ride a skateboard like his older brother.  Danny looked at his mother again for approval, and she told him that he could use his brother’s old skateboard.  Danny said: “I don’t like that one.  I want to get a new one, but I can put those wheels on it.”

The following weekend, Danny was out on the driveway with his father and brother, putting the wheels from his brother’s old skateboard onto a new frame.  From then on, almost everyday we could see Danny out on his driveway, diligently concentrating on his technique and setting up jumps, such as his favorite one over his bicycle.  His tireless efforts paid off, and soon his technique coupled agility with precision as he glided gracefully over his bike every time.

Whenever we saw Danny playing outside, he kept asking us to come and watch him practice at the skate park down the road.   A few weeks later, when Leo and I finally stopped in to see how he was doing, the skate park attendant told us that Danny had organized the most difficult jump to give the younger kids a chance to use it.  Whenever Danny was there, the children stood patiently in line, awaiting their turn.  He was already showing leadership skills and had gained the respect and friendship of all the children at the park!

Not only had Danny become adept on his skateboard, but he began to believe in himself in other ways.  He was doing so well in school that he was selected to move ahead halfway through the first grade to make early entry into the second grade.  He had also begun to eat better and used to chide his brother for eating junk food.  And he stopped hitting golf balls at available targets.  Whenever I think of Danny, I see him working intently on his skateboard moves and grinning as he looks back triumphantly at each successful accomplishment.

The reason that I wanted to tell this particular story is because it exemplifies the plight of so many highly creative intelligent children whose problems are essentially spiritual.  When a bright intuitive child like Danny is beleaguered by the impact of a spirit that is ill-suited for his body, the resulting chemical imbalance can adversely affect his behavior.   However, when a suitable spirit can be properly matched with a child’s body, they work in harmony together.  Fortunately, Danny’s mother believed enough in her child and his spiritual well-being to allow her son to enjoy a positively-oriented spirit and reclaim his childhood.

Leo says: “Show me a mischievous child and I see a creative genius.”  Children always keep it simple and will readily respond to a positive spiritual experience.

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I welcome and value your input~Please feel free to comment! 

*Light: The pure white light of the universe; purely positive energy; not associated with any one religion or deity; I work spiritually with people from every background from around the globe