Weapons of Innocents Destruction

Leo Jean's Starlike© paper sculpture on crystal appleWhen I turned on the TV last night after spending 2 days on the road, I found yet another senseless genocide of innocents had taken place in America the Beautiful.  Just after what might have turned into a catastrophe at the mall in Oregon last week, yesterday’s unspeakable act in Connecticut defies all explanation!

Apart from having the good citizens of America volunteering to hand over their personal arsenals of deadly weapons, there is seemingly no way to stop those who are beyond the reach of reason from acting out this nightmare scenario again.

While the TSA is screening everyone that boards an airplane and government buildings are already like military bases, what can America do about their now regular event gun violence sprees?  Why is everyone hanging on to the 2nd Amendment to ensure their freedom?  Do they distrust their government so much that they’re willing to continue the risk of allowing anyone to stockpile weapons that could be used to kill babies?  Why is it so easy to obtain these weapons of innocents destruction?

How do Americans return safety to their movie theaters, shopping malls and schools?  Is every public place now a potential setting for such an unspeakable tragedy?

I thought that America was the Land of the Free, not the Feared.


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2 comments on “Weapons of Innocents Destruction

  1. Per ca-pita the US is right up there with one of the most fearful populations on the planet. They would also be the first to deny this. It’s ironic but this sad event is likely to galvanize that fear even more. It’s like anything else, what you focus on grows stronger…you find more reason to fear.

    It’s unfortunate but I see situations like this as a natural response to the insanity that grips the US but also the world right now. It’s like a dysfunctional family where the scape goat is the child who acts out…the anxiety needs to come out somewhere. All the blame goes to the child and little responsibility is assumed by the parents, in this case the US population.

    Changing gun laws in the US needs to happen but really it is the undercurrent of anxiety that needs to lesson for any real change to take place. Many societies today are controlled through fear tactics by their own government and the media. Things need to change on many levels but it starts with the individual not buying into the conditioning and to start thinking for themselves.

    How real is fear in this moment and how safe do you feel holding onto a gun.

    If there is a shift in consciousness taking place and I think there is…there will be fewer catastrophes if there is less resistance to it. The definition of insanity that works for me…if we are not coming from a place of love and freely giving it away than we are insane.

  2. Thank you for your insightful comment. Anxiety is indeed running rampant in an atmosphere of fear that has been increasing since the 9-11 event. Hopefully, much needed change will take place in the aftermath of this tragedy, so that those whose lives were taken will not have been in vain, but will be a force that pushes through legislation to eradicate ownership of domestic assault weapons.

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