Spring Beckons

I thought I’d post something today that reminds me of Spring:

An Introduction to the Light

At this time of year, when spring is beckoning us for renewal, most of us wish to take on a change that will make us feel good, that reaches out from within us, to become that person that can be realized only through our essence or spirit.  My spirit is a highly evolved being of the Light* who has chosen to come to this planet to teach, along with the spirit of my associate who has taken on the challenge of bringing the teachings of the Light to those on this planet who wish to partake of this knowledge.

Today I would like to introduce those who are listening to the concept of what the Light means and how it can fulfill those inner desires for peace and a harmonious new beginning to your existence.  At this time of the year, when the Earth is beautified by nature’s hand, it would be fitting for you to begin to think about beautifying yourself from within.

When a person comes to us for help or to learn about the Light, we instruct them in general terms about how they can refuse and fight the negativity that affects them.  However, it is up to each individual to do the actual work of that refusal in order to heal their precious body and allow their spirit to progress to the Light.  We fully respect an individual’s free will and do not impose any of our teachings on anyone.  It is entirely up to the individual how much they desire to be healed and how much they desire the Light.

Most humans are highly conditioned by cultural traditions to give up that part of oneself that searches for peace within, or the Light, and form a habit of acceptance for all that occurs, rather than learn to discern what is appropriate for one’s own well-being.  Basically, the human race has lost the all-important concept of self-love, which is the premise by which the Light is capable of existing within a person.

The Light is available to all who ask for it.  However, if the person’s body is housing negativity, then the Light will only remain with them for a short period of time, as the Light itself accepts no negativity in any form.  The question then arises: “How can a person with so much inherent negativity be capable of receiving the Light so that their spirit can progress toward being part of the Light?”  This is another reason that my associate and I have come to bring the knowledge of the Light to those who desire it.  We are able to remove negativity in all its forms from people, whether it is spiritual, mental or physical.  Many people deny that they are housing negativity and, in this way, they are accepting it.

During this time of spring renewal, it would appear most appropriate for people to start preparing themselves for the removal of negativity from their forms, and for the cultivation of positive energy within them in the form of the Light.  As everyone knows, negative energy negates positive energy, and it is imperative that the individual begin to refuse all negativity that acts upon them in order to benefit from the power of pure positive energy that is the Light.  As experts in the field of the removal of negativity, my associate and I work daily in the art of removing negative spirits and curses that affect the well-being of the individual.  Many people deny that this type of negativity could exist within them and, again, in this denial, they are accepting those negative forces that act upon them and that negate their efforts to absorb positive energy.

When a person’s spirit becomes of the Light, the manifestation of its beauty can be compared to the beauty that unfolds as the Earth spreads forth its new mantel in the spring.  There is a transformation that occurs within the person that shines from them, and that actually alters their appearance.  The glow that comes from within spreads throughout their body, and is especially apparent in the eyes.  It is the true beauty of a person who has shed the negative residue of a long winter in darkness.

Spring brings to mind youth and longevity.  When a person works with their spirit to bring it to the Light, they actually increase their lifespan and some immediately drop the gray color of aging.  All children notice the effect that the Light brings to an individual, for children are still in the midst of the spiritual world and can perceive far better than any adult.  The reality of the child is tied to both the physical and the spiritual realms, and too many adults ignore or refuse to listen to the children.  A child is far more aware of what occurs within their reality than can be understood by the average adult.

The knowledge and beauty of the Light is for everyone.  It brings total harmony to both the spirit and the body.  In this beauteous time of spring, each and every one of you deserve to feel the love of the Light flowing through you so that you can appreciate its splendor.

~ Leo Jean 1991

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I welcome and value your input~Please feel free to comment! 

*Light: The pure white light of the universe; purely positive energy; not associated with any one religion or deity; I work spiritually with people from every background from around the globe

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