Natural Renewal Option

Some people have asked why anyone would want to change the spirit that they were born with.  It seems natural to question this newly presented option as a means to improve one’s well-being, but what if your spirit (or soul) had no knowledge about how it could help you to progress in your form?

At some point in our lives we question why some people are born into opportunities while others struggle continuously.  Although the question can be somewhat answered in physical terms as to the opportunities afforded by genetic attributes, status of family or the country of origin, not all the criteria fits in every situation.  When we consider the spiritual position of a person, however, it appears that some spirits are rewarded and others are punished within the bodies that they inhabit.

If we were to assume that all spirits were created equal and with the same opportunities, then we would have to assume that all would be living harmoniously together.  That is obviously not the case.  If all spirits were created to be positive, say a spark of light from a common origin, then we would expect that all spirits would remain positive and harmonious.  However, like us, spirits have free will.  If a group of spirits decided that there was a better way for them to exist than to remain in a constantly positive state, then they would fall away from the original group.  Spirits are capable of creating and entering forms, so those that chose not to be positive would tend to create forms that pleased their tendencies of desiring what was not positive.  Over extended periods of time the knowledge of their positive origins would be lost.  Once lost, some might not even recognize what is positive anymore.

Unfortunately, we have found that most spirits on our planet have lost their positive knowledge and many have created forms to manifest their desire to experience or mete out such negativity as suffering, despair, greed and other destructive tendencies.  These range from a child born into a poverty-stricken or war-torn region of the world where suffering is a daily occurrence to those born into wealth or privilege, whose physical journey is enhanced by monetary or social status.  While you can more easily comprehend the spiritual implications of the child’s journey, the personal lives of the elite can be just as difficult as anyone else’s on this planet.  Other considerations are the malicious intent of powerful dictators or the questionable practices of religious leaders who gain from undermining the free will of their followers.  Some of the most difficult lives are lived in sickness and disease where there is nothing but hardship.  So there is much ongoing struggle at the personal level of people everywhere, when ideally there should be happiness and harmony.

So how does an individual endure with little or no understanding of their own spiritual self?  Too many lives begin in a childhood full of imagination, creativity and learning, but are impaired early on by the impact of abuse, neglect or unfortunate circumstances.  Some spirits grow very weak as a result of these experiences and become incapable of participating in the livelihood of their form.  Others become frustrated or bored and leave their form.  It’s not unheard of to find that a person’s spirit has been overtaken by another stronger spirit.  So, if someone’s original spirit is weak or too negative and, therefore, has no ability to provide help, why wouldn’t a positively oriented spirit be considered?

Without positive spiritual knowledge, a spirit will lose its ability to work with the light.  If a spirit doesn’t recharge with the light, it will naturally grow more negative and be drawn into negative activities. Since a negatively oriented spirit resists energy from the light, it draws its energy from others, which is normal on our planet. However, when a spirit recharges with the light, it grows stronger as it replenishes its knowledge of the light.  A spirit that is committed to the light is therefore able to help its body to resist and overcome the burden of negativity that it faces.

Leo Jean and I have worked with many people from all over the world who are, at some level, aware of their connection to their spiritual self, but realize that their spirit is non-functional.  Like me, they had been searching for a way to fulfill a desire to be in touch with their spirit, in order to resolve their problems and live a more meaningful life.  While everyone should accept responsibility for our own lives, there is a way to obtain an ideally suited spirit that will help.  Leo uses his intact inherent spiritual knowledge to search for a willing spirit that is committed to regaining its positive knowledge and that has the correct vibration and frequency to work compatibly within a person’s form.  When I present that anyone can improve their life by working with their spirit, I have to offer that often the best way to proceed is to ask for and accept a positively oriented spirit.

As one client across the globe reacted when she started working with her ‘new’ spirit:

“It’s fascinating as Leo’s work is absolute genius.  I keep coming up with excuses though when all I need to do is refuse, call in my spirit and hit with the light.  How more simple can it be!!  It’s breaking habits as a part of me is saying here we go again.  Memories of patterns when the essence is to change and go in a different direction.  I know it’s just a question of being consistent until it’s automatic, even if it’s minute by minute!!  I am so grateful to have found this work and appreciate the support.”

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*Light: The pure white light of the universe; purely positive energy; not associated with any one religion or deity; I work spiritually with people from every background from around the globe

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