2. Early Flat Screen Presentation

Quick sketch of the beings I saw when I was 15 years old.

If only I had known how to work with my spirit when I was a child!  It would have made my life so much simpler, happier and meaningful.  Instead I had been subjected to intense early religious conditioning, and had already begun to condition others when I was stripped of my innocence at such a young age.  In retrospect, I realize that had to undergo those experiences in order to search outside known boundaries to find my way.

As a child I always strived for excellence in whatever I did.  My schoolwork was impeccable.   When I skipped the 5th grade and entered into the 6th (at age 10), my marks continued at the top of the class.  Then I entered junior high and my shyness became intolerable.  As I excelled in my classes, my new classmates greeted me with gests.  I wanted to fit in and to be popular, and my marks began to reflect this attitude.  Although I was still getting above average grades, I couldn’t stand to stand out as an intellectual.

I took two tests in secondary school that had any significance as I emerged from that educational experience.  One was a test that predicted what sort of profession best suited me.  I was surprised to find that I should work toward being a scientist.  The second test was a North American IQ test that was distributed in 1970-1 when I was fifteen.  When I was called to the guidance counselor’s office to learn my test score, he told me that I had scored a 98.5 out of 100, and that this represented that I was in the top 1.5% of all the students that had taken the test.   I was embarrassed and probably blushed.  Then he asked me if I had cheated.  What?  How could he possibly accuse me of having cheated on an IQ test for which each student was tested in a controlled setting.  When I replied that I had not and could not have cheated, the counselor told me that it seemed impossible.  As I sat there in disbelief, Mr. Delorme told me that the only other student in the entire school that had received the same score was the 12-year-old new student from Scotland.  Yes, the genius that everyone made fun of and that eventually started acting like a clown to stop the jeers and teasing.  I repeated my statement that I had not cheated, and the counselor looked at me with disdain.  I was humiliated as I left his office.  I had just been falsely accused of cheating, and felt like I was being punished.

Later that school year in May of 1971, I was out with my girlfriends walking around at the newest fast food place around 7:00 in the evening.  We had just sat down to have something to eat inside the Red Barn Restaurant when I heard someone calling my name: “Gloria!”  I looked around, but I didn’t see anyone calling me.  Again I heard my name: “Gloria!”  I looked around again and asked my girlfriends if they knew who was calling me, but they shrugged and continued to talk.  Finally, again I heard my name: “Gloria!”  And I looked up at the wall in front of me.

There on the wall was a sort of movie screen that had opened up.  On the screen I saw the person that had been calling me.  He walked up to the front of the screen and started speaking directly to me with his eyes focused on me, but his lips didn’t move.  His voice was clear and he spoke in perfect English into my mind.

As the speaker spoke to me I looked around the room that he was standing in on the apparent screen.  There on both sides of the room were what appeared to be light-gray-colored control panels with colored lights on them.  Seated in front of the panels were five other people.  Everyone was wearing garnet-colored jumpsuits with a short standup collar and a V-shape pattern on the chest.  Two of the others were females, but they all looked like a different race of people.  They all had simian-style faces, with straight black hair that was pushed back from their faces and cropped at the shoulders.  Physically they all had healthy adult forms, just like humans.

When the speaker made contact with me, they all looked up and seemed to all be listening in on our conversation.  Just as they all turned to look at me, another male being walked into the room through an open doorway and, with his hands behind his back, he stood at the back of the room and watched.  It was all quite friendly and calm.

The speaker continued to speak into my mind and I felt a connection to someone long known or awaited.  I was transfixed upon the screen as the communication continued.  As they prepared to end our communication, I was left with the following phrase: “This life you lead is a test.  In order to pass, you must learn the natural law.”  I also somehow understood that they would be continuing to observe me from their vantage point.

Once the screen disappeared, I looked at my girlfriends and asked: “Did you see that?”  They said they hadn’t seen anything and wondered what I was talking about.  I was astonished and asked in wonder: “You mean you didn’t see those people right there?”


Gloria c.1970

I pointed up at the wall, and they looked at me strangely.  No, they hadn’t seen anyone up on the wall and I should keep my voice down, because people were looking at me.  So I asked: “So, what was I doing?”  My girlfriends told me in hushed voices that I was staring up at the wall for five minutes, and that my face was all red.  That was it.

The next few moments made me question what I had just seen and heard, because my girlfriends were obviously not in on the conversation.  So, if they didn’t see or hear it, then I had been the only subject of the communication.  Fine.  I would deal with this on my own.  The thing that bothered me most was that I had been in telepathic communication for five minutes, but could only remember the parting message: “This life you lead is a test.  In order to pass, you must learn the natural law.”

After whispering to my girlfriends about what had happened to me and receiving their feedback to keep it quiet, that’s what I did.  I never spoke about it to anyone again for years, thinking that it was better that people didn’t know about my contact experience.  It wasn’t until 15 more years had passed that I was able to begin to digest and deal with what had occurred in the restaurant.

From my perspective, my experience was a confirmation that more exists outside our normal realm of existence than is apparent.

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