Nature’s Lesson

Leo Jean's Starlike© paper sculpture on ceramic plate with world mapAs the Northeast emerges from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, we in North America are receiving yet another wake up call that Mother Nature is the one in charge.

It’s not that natural disasters haven’t affected other parts of our planet, but now it’s on our home turf.  While it’s easy to feel sorry for the recent victims of catastrophic earthquakes and last year’s tsunami in Japan, when we’re faced with the reality of such devastation at home, we need to reflect upon its possible impact on our own lives.

Our civilization’s thirst for natural resources during our fast track progress has contributed to widespread interference with our planet’s ecosystem.  We’ve contributed to global warming and the unprecedented weather patterns it promotes.  Our population has settled in some of the most beautiful yet volatile regions on the planet and whole species are being eradicated in the process.  As our need for energy, water, food and shelter grows, the stress is overwhelming to many children as they observe what is happening to the planet they have inherited.

When Superstorm Sandy hit the heavily populated eastern seaboard, the widespread damage brought out the best of the American people at the worst of times.  When all distinctions are cast aside, there truly is no difference between neighbors following such a weather phenomenon.

People all have the same basic needs and, in her own way, Mother Nature has taught us another valuable lesson.  But will we listen?


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