8. Free to Choose

During the next while I spent as much time with Leo as I could.  I was beginning to make great strides toward recovering from the ordeal I knew as my previous life.  What had happened to me was that, although I had a positive spirit when I was born, I had been constantly subjected to negativity that caused my spirit to lose its positive energy.  Luckily, my spirit was still strong enough to direct me to Leo who had enough knowledge to help me.

Of course I was intrigued by the concept that a person’s spirit, also known as their soul, has energy, just like a thought has energy.  A spirit’s energy can be positive or negative and a person is subject to that energy. Not everyone has a positively-oriented spirit at birth.  In other words, if your spirit thrives on negative energy, then your spirit will respond to negativity.  If your spirit thrives on positive energy, then your spirit will respond to the pure white light of the universe, which is pure positive energy.  It will react and respond according to how you deal with energy from people, places, things and thoughts.

It wasn’t long before I was able to regain control over the addictions I had accepted earlier in life.  Within two months of meeting Leo I was able to quit smoking after having smoked for 15 years, then half my life.  Leo simply made a suggestion that, if I wanted to quit, I alone had to make the decision to do so.  After one memorable struggle through a winter blizzard to go and buy cigarettes, I made that decision with a firm commitment to myself.  Then, each time I had the urge to light up, I simply went back to my commitment and was able to stop myself from giving in.  The cigarettes were no longer in control of me.  After several months I was able to say a final “No, thanks.” to the alcohol that was often offered to me.  I felt so much better about myself for having finally defeated those destructive tendencies!

Once I had regained my equilibrium, Leo asked if I would like to train to be his assistant.  I immediately replied that I could think of no better way to spend my life than to help others who experienced problems of a spiritual nature.  Two years later Leo and I set up an office together and I began to work with people as Leo’s assistant.  As I worked with Leo to solve the plethora of problems faced by our many clients, I realized that certain patterns of human spiritual behavior were emerging.  No one else was dealing with the types of spirits that Leo engaged.

Before too long I made the decision to confront both my abusive ex-husband and the priest that had raped me as a child.  In January of 1988 I went alone to the local courthouse where I petitioned for and was granted a divorce.   The next month, in terrible icy conditions, Leo and I drove all the way from Ontario, Canada to the west coast so that I could face my ex.  I had obtained his address and phone number before we set out and, when we arrived, I called to say that I would be at his house within 5 minutes to meet with him.  On the phone, my ex stated that he had been advised by his doctor not to speak with me, because of his high blood pressure.  When we drove up in front of his house, my ex was leaving with a friend.  He kept his back to me as he walked to his car and I saw that he was actually afraid to face me.  That was a very telling experience, for I realized then that a bully and wife-beater is a coward.  I’m happy to say that I never saw that man again.

The following year I gathered up my courage to phone the Catholic Diocese to find out if Father Lefaive was still alive, and found that he was in a nearby city.  I then called the police to ask how to lay a charge of rape against a priest that was committed in childhood.  The desk sargeant told me that I would have to contact the local courthouse. At the courthouse the clerk told me that, without corroboration, namely someone else who could support my allegations, they couldn’t help me because the statute of limitations had run out.  No one knew about the rape, because I had been threatened with harm to my entire family if I spoke about it!  So I decided to confront that perverted priest in person.

Although I had spoken with the priest and made an appointment to meet with him, when Leo and I arrived he was not at the church as had been arranged.  The next day I called Father Lefaive and spoke with him on the phone.  I asked him if he remembered when he had taken me upstairs from the basement into his bedroom in 1966.  He didn’t recall that.  Then I told him that I was awake during the entire time.  He hastily uttered: “I categorically deny that!”  He dropped the phone and then the line when dead.  After hearing countless legal denials during all of the subsequent scandals of the RC church, it was apparent that the priest had a prepared response.  From my standpoint, in having made those very important attempts to confront my abusers, I had actually overcome my inner fear that had grown exponentially over time.

Later that same year, while I was at the library looking up the names of global organizations that were involved with parapsychology, I glanced at the town of 100 Mile House.  As I read the name of the organization and its director, I saw the name: “Emissaries of the Divine Light”, with Lord Exeter as its head.  Lord Exeter of the House of Lords was the person who had been given the 25,000 acres of land by the Queen of England.  He was operating a cult-like organization in 100 Mile House, B.C.  The directory listed branches in Maple, Ontario and Boulder, Colorado.  I wondered if my ex had known about that cult when he lived in England and had offered me to them in exchange for something.  It was notable that Lord Exeter had used the concept of light for his own dark purpose.  I no longer felt like a victim, but like a survivor.

As I continue to work with my spirit, I feel privileged to be working so closely with Leo Jean.  Over the years he has helped me to determine the solutions to so many problems that I never recognized as having been so detrimental to my well-being.  I’ve learned that my spirit is dependent on me to freely choose whether I accept a negative path or a positive path in life.  Within this positive realm that I’ve chosen is an attainable complex beauty that can only be compared to the ongoing discoveries in the elegant multiverse.  As far as I’m concerned, my existence revolves around the star that is my spirit.

Gloria Romlewski
December 10, 2011 

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