Sensational 60

60andSensationalComparatively speaking, our lives are but a blink in what can be referred to as ‘time’ in the universe. Although we are subjected to the concept of time in our daily lives, our spiritual aspect is timeless and infinite.

We all enter this world within the innocence of childhood, when our lives lie open before us, spread out like a blanket into the patterns that comprise our individuality. As we extend the boundaries of our experiences outward, we’re subjected to the many events that mould and shape our lives. As we widen, stretch and expand our horizons, we discover our role as the designers of our construct here in these bodies, on this planet, in this time. Not only are we what we eat, feel and think, our precious lives are an extension of our spiritual being.

Now that I have reached another milestone in my existence, I can separate my life into three parts. During the first third of my life I was trying to figure out how to stop the tailspin I found myself in, while the second third was spent learning about and teaching others to benefit from the exhilarating spiritual knowledge I had discovered. I aim to use the next third of my life in furthering my commitment to progress with my spirit and in helping others to gain the wisdom of the positive spiritual principles and energy of the pure white Light.

My life has been fueled by constant change and I will continue to gain momentum as I work with my spirit long into the future. When I turned 30, I felt like I was 60 – now as I turn 60, I feel like I’m 30!

Thanks to my incredibly energetic and timeless spirit…I’m sensational at 60!!!

Here’s how I’ve looked along the way…

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